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Lori Bell lbell927 at
Wed May 19 07:57:44 EDT 2004

The Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center and TAP
Information Services have been using an inexpensive
software called iVocalize to host online meetings for
groups and programs for patrons.  The software
includes the use of VOiP (voice over IP) with
excellent quality; text chat; the ability to co-browse
web pages and present Power Point presentations.

Today and tomorrow we are hosting two programs using
this software you are welcome to attend. We are also
investigating some ideas for cooperative online
programming with libraries of all types to jump start
online programming for patrons.  Please come to one of
these programs to try the software if you want.

To attend, go to,
type your name and click enter. A small software
applet will download to your computer and then you
will enter the room. You need a pc microphone to
participate via audio, but you can also participate
via text chat. All you need are an Internet connection
and sound card.

Tonight we are hosting a book discussion at 7:00 p.m.
central time. The book is The Last Report on the
Miracles of Little No Horse, by Louise Erdrich.
>From 1912 to 1996 Agnes De Witt has presented herself
to the Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota as a
benevolent priest, Father Damien, all the while
concealing her female identity. She recalls her life
story while debating what to reveal to an envoy from
the Vatican investigating a nun’s alleged miracles. 

Tomorrow, join us for ebookworm at 3:00 p.m. central
time. Program moderator Tom
Peters will discuss ebooks with Jon Noring, an ebook
publisher, technologist, advocate, and standards
developer. He is the founder and moderator of The
eBook Community, the Internet's oldest, largest, and
most respected general ebook forum. 

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