[WEB4LIB] Re: Sirsi Unicorn related listerv

Vickie L. Kline vkline at ycp.edu
Wed Jun 9 11:43:06 EDT 2004

Edward is absolutely right.   There are a number of Sirsi forums, but 
they are restricted to customers.   Many of the threads only make sense 
to people using the software.   There are also proprietary issues 

Are you doing research for your degree?   Send me a direct email 
off-list about what you actually need, and I'll try to put you in touch 
with the proper people...


Edward Wigg wrote:

>On Jun 8, 2004, at 2:31 PM, Carl Feucht wrote:
>>Could anyone point me in the right direction- to a listerv community of
>>Unicorn/Workflow users?
>I think you will find that the lists for such topics are for customers 
>only. If you are not a customer you are probably out of luck (though 
>you might find someone who is who is willing to forward some 
>information to you). If you are a customer you should talk to whoever 
>handles such details at your site/consortium, or possibly just call 
>customer care.


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