WriteNote from ISI

Junus, Ranti junus at mail.lib.msu.edu
Mon Feb 3 12:06:28 EST 2003

Hello All,

Some faculties at our Universities start asking us about WriteNote from ISI.   We don't have any experience with WriteNote and would like to solicit info from anybody who already using it in the library or support this product for faculties/ students.  It is my understanding this product is the striped down version of EndNote and is geared toward undergraduate students.   However, we don't really know whether this product will only work for ISI only or other databases such as OVID, Proquest, etc.  or any technical info we should aware of (works with IE only, plug-in needed, method of connection--if any, accessibility using screen reader, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any response.


Ranti Junus - Systems office
100 Main Library
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824, USA

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