[WEB4LIB] Re: Jaws Web Page readers' comments?

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I forwarded your reply to a friend of mine who has been blind since birth
and she replied:

Hi Euan,

<nodding vigorously>  Yeh, it is an eye opener.  If you're really
interested in seeing how the stuff works, suggest you download demo
versions of JFW (Jaws for Windows) and Window-eyes.  They will allow
you to see how they work.



Ann P.


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> Forgive the late reply to this, but recently I arranged a
> demonstration with
> Michael Hudson, who heads the Resource Center for Persons with
> Disabilities
> at Michigan State.  Mike is severely visually impaired and has used talker
> technology since 1986.  He uses JAWS and finds it the best tool
> to meet his
> needs.
> We had about 20 folks who navigate visually observing as Mike navigated a
> set of university sites (including some of our own) demonstrating
> how things
> work -- and don't work -- for him as he used JAWS.
> It was quite literally eye-opening for all involved.  I strongly
> suggest to
> anyone who is trying to build accessible pages that they do a similar
> exercise.  WATCH as someone uses talker technology to navigate.  You can't
> appreciate all the subtleties by running Bobby.
> Mike runs the talker at 55% of possible speed.  No one in the room could
> follow at that rate.  He dialed it down to 35% and the rest of us
> were then
> able to follow.  :-)
> /rich
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