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Andrew Mutch amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us
Thu Sep 5 13:46:31 EDT 2002

A number of you had contacted me directly about instructions for converting Netscape
Bookmarks and importing them into Internet Explorer. As my earlier message noted, I
was going to check to see if there were any good online resources for doing this
before overhauling and posting my own. Fortunately, I found several good resources
that cover this topic.

This tutorial from Allegheny College covers how to Import Netscape Bookmarks into
Internet Explorer:


What is nice about the tutorial is that the steps are illustrated with graphics. Also,
they show how to create a folder just for your Netscape Bookmarks if you don't want to
mix the two in IE. You'll want to adjust the location of the file depending upon your
local setup.

This resource from Qwest outlines the steps to Save your Bookmarks in Netscape in
preparation for importing them into IE.


Steps 1 - 7 cover the export process in Netscape.

Steps 8 -17 cover the same steps as the Allegheny tutorial but without the

The office MS KB article on this topic:

How to Use Netscape Navigator Bookmarks in Internet Explorer

Maybe someone will put all this together in a nice, neat package!

How much of this you'll need depends on how you are planning your migration. In our
case, we reformatted the hard drives of the PCs that we upgraded to Windows 2000. Our
users had to save their Netscape Bookmarks onto their network folders and then
reimport it back into IE. If you are just switching people from Netscape to IE, I
believe that IE automatically imports Netscape Bookmarks so all of this would be

By the way, if your staff will be using IE for the first time, Richard Truxall has a
nice illustrated introduction to IE 5 here:


The details generally apply to IE 6 too.

If anyone needs more specific details on how we handled all this, please let me know.

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician
Waterford Township Public Library
Waterford, MI

Andrew Mutch wrote:

> A number of people indicated that they were interested in having the instructions
> that I had written up for my staff about how to export bookmarks from Netscape and
> import them into Internet Explorer. After reviewing what I had written up, I
> realized that they are not quite ready for prime time. So, if there isn't already
> something suitable online, I'll go ahead and clean those up and get them posted up
> online. I'll probably put them up as a web page and include a link to a version
> done in Word. You can then modify that to fit your own needs.  I'll post a link to
> those when they are available.
> Andrew Mutch
> Library Systems Technician
> Waterford Township Public Library
> Waterford, MI

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