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I'm working now with Microsoft's Visio, a diagram/floorplan/timeline charting
tool. The project tab within Visio includes the charts like PERT, etc. I find
it easier to use, and less overkill, than Microsoft Project, personally. 

You can use the Wizard to input data for a timeline or chart, and it can help
by creating a MS Excel spreadsheet for input, data, etc.

You can see their Web information, see
and also do an online demo of the software. It's one alternative you might
wish to consider.

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>Several staff are asking for project management software that will 
>help them
>keep track of tasks and timelines.  MS Project is overkill for us.  I'm
>looking for a simpler software application, either a separate product or
>information about how one can use Excel or some other MS Office product to
>create timelines and relate tasks/resources.
>Any suggestions?  
>Thanks!  Barbara
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