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Ebenezer, Catherine Catherine.Ebenezer at
Thu Sep 19 09:59:44 EDT 2002

> Dear Web4Lib cognoscenti
> For the last year we have used as our URL forwarding service,
> giving us the address instead of the very
> user-hostile For
> the last week the site has been down, and nothing appears to be
> being done about it. I have sent messages to postmaster at and
> support at without effect or response. I can obviously change to a
> different URL forwarding service (and re-do our library screensavers,
> consortium directory listings, publicity, and search engine
> submissions--boring) but has anyone got any bright ideas as to what I can
> do to stop people going into a 'black hole' at
> Help please!
> Catherine
> Visit our web site at
> (I have just changed this!)
> Catherine Ebenezer
> Multidisciplinary Library
> South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
> 108 Landor Road
> Stockwell
> London SW9 9NT
> United Kingdom
> 020 7411 6164
> 020 7411 6301 fax
> Faciendi multos libros nullus est finis

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