Scholar-led Innnovations in Scholarly Publishing

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               Scholar-led Innovations in Scholarly Publishing
             Professional, Institutional, and Library Initiatives

   For a forthcoming article [Yep, Another Forthcoming Article] [:-) ],
I am interested in identifying established as well as emerging 'Scholar-led'
Innovations in Scholarly Publishing at three major levels -
Professional, Institutional, and Library. By way of explanation, I think it's best to provide specific *examples* of each type which come to mind on this groggy Sunday morning:

                                    PROFESSIONAL E-Print Archive     [ ]
ELSS                                     [ ]                           [ ]
ESPERE                                [ ]
Project Euclid                       [ ]
Public Library of Science      [ ]
PubMedCentral                    []
Stoa Consortium                  []

eScholarship                        [ ]


University of California -Davis
[ ]

University of Glasgow         [ ]
University of Michigan         [  ]

[Some may disagree with my categorizations, but Hey, they're MyCategories [:->]]

   As Always, Any and All contributions, comments, queries, questions, Cosmic Insights, Inspections, Etc. Etc. Etc. are Most Welcome!


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