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> For the last year we have used as our URL forwarding service,
> giving us the address instead of the very
> user-hostile
> For the last week the site has been down, and nothing appears
> to be being done about it.

I suggest taking a look at PURLs.  Run by OCLC, it is likely to remain 
active for a while.  From the Introduction:

    A PURL is a Persistent Uniform Resource Locator. Functionally, a
    PURL is a URL. However, instead of pointing directly to the location
    of an Internet resource, a PURL points to an intermediate resolution
    service. The PURL resolution service associates the PURL with the
    actual URL and returns that URL to the client. The client can then
    complete the URL transaction in the normal fashion. In Web parlance,
    this is a standard HTTP redirect.

Your address won't look like what you had before -- rather, it will look 

Alternatively, you can use one of the URL forwarding services like those 
supplied by <>.  I think for about US$15/year, you 
can get a forwarding domain name like you had before with no pop-up 
advertising, etc.

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