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Over the past several years I have compiled a number of Web resources
dealing with the topic of online or virtual or digital reference services,
i.e., the provision of reference services, involving collaboration between
library user and librarian, in a computer-based medium. 

I've created an index page for these resources: 

This Web page includes links to:

Digital Reference Primer - A basic, general introduction to digital
reference services. 

Digital Reference Services: A Bibliography - A Web-based bibliography on the
subject of digital reference. There are more than 450 entries in this
bibliography, more than 200 of which have links to Web accessible documents.

Live Digital Reference Case Studies: A Bibliography - A brief bibliography
of articles/papers/reports/case studies written about digital reference
services at specific libraries, written by people with some sort of formal
affiliation with the project. In other words, people reporting about
experiences with digital reference.

Collaborative Live Reference Services - A listing of nearly 40 collaborative
live reference services, i.e., real-time reference services offered by two
or more libraries.

Digital Reference Question Logs - A listing of question logs from several
digital reference services. Useful for seeing the types of questions asked
by real digital reference service users.

The Reference Interview in the Digital Library: A Bibliography - A brief
bibliography dealing with the application of the reference interview in the
digital library.

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