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Thu Jan 24 16:37:02 EST 2002

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>>Like this?

At 01:20 PM 1/24/2002, Keith Higgs wrote:
>Great, except it doesn't work in Mozilla or Netscape 6.

Or Opera 6.

This is going to be the bane of thousands upon thousands of scripts:

   if (document.layers) {
     // You're Netscape 4
   } else if (document.all) {
     // You're IE 4+
   } else {
     // Too bad for you

These days, there really needs to be a test for the W3C DOM.  I'm not an 
expert, but what I copied and pasted from Those Who Know is a test for 
document.getElementsByTagName("*")--excluding Netscape 4, which apparently 
claims wrongly to understand this.

To the RPI page's credit, it works just fine if Javascript is disabled, or 
doesn't answer to either document.layers or document.all.  You just don't 
get to see the rollover effect.

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