Resetting monitor out of frequency tolerance

L. E. Puckett lpuckett at
Thu Jan 24 12:34:33 EST 2002

Hi, folks!
This one I don't know who to ask exactly. Someone reset the refresh
frequency on one of the monitors on a PAC station to 93Hz, which is
outside the monitor's tolerance range (max 90Hz). Consequently, it now
automatically shuts down right after the blue boot up screen before
Windows opens. I've tried a couple older monitors, in hopes they are
more tolerant, but no such luck. If I could get to the Windows desktop,
I could easily reset the refresh frequency, but I can't get there. It's
very frustrating. Any suggestions? Please?

L. E. Puckett
Reference & Electronic Systems Librarian
Parmly Billings Library
510 North Broadway
Billings MT 59101

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