"Bibliographies Are Banished to the Web"

Linda Rudell-Betts rudellbetts at mediaone.net
Mon May 29 14:29:22 EDT 2000

from the NY Times on the Web Front Page Headlines service May 29, 2000
Bibliographies Are Banished to the Web

Bibliographies have been severed from books and moved to Web
sites, in a growing number of instances involving both trade
publishers and prominent academic publishers.


As mentioned within the article, librarians are weighing in on the
issue.  Perhaps an acquisitions boycott of the bifurcated texts might
bring publishers' to their collective senses.

I am reminded of the library-land e-joke that circulated a couple of
years ago about the book being the most portable technology available.
The joke wouldn't hold up very long if I had to fire up the PC every
time I wanted to review a reference.

Having the bibliographies in _both_ print and electronic form, on the
other hand, could be very useful.

Linda Rudell-Betts
Information Science Consultant
Los Angeles CA

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