[WEB4LIB] A Comparison of Librarians and Intelligent Software Agents

Gerry Mckiernan GMCKIERN at gwgate.lib.iastate.edu
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Hi Bernie/

     Thanks for calling this to our attention.

>Zick, Laura. The Work of Information Mediators: A >Comparison of Librarians and Intelligent Software Agents.


WEB4LIBers may also be interested in my article about the application of intelligent agents to collection development published about a year-and-a-half ago.

   McKiernan, Gerry. 1998. "ABCD: Agent-Based Collection Development," _Serials: The Journal of the United Kingdom Serials Group_ 11(3) 237-240 (November).

[Unfortunately, I do not have off-prints of the article]

BTW: Thanks Laura Zick for citing my LibraryAgents(sm)
clearinghouse in your bibliography [:-)]


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