Seeking advice concerning Ultraserve

Gavin Ferriby pferriby at
Tue Nov 23 08:09:12 EST 1999

Are you using, or do you contemplate using, Ultraserve?  This is a CD-
ROM content serve; it loads and stores a number of CDs (e.g., 25) as 
images and appears on a network as a server with resources marked as 
volumes, drives, etc. It can be configured to run a variety of protocols, 
e.g. NCP over IPX, SMB over TCP/IP, NFS over TCP/IP, and HTTP 
over TCP/IP (not a complete list).

We are contemplating acquiring Ultraserve, which is consonant with our 
longer-range plans for migration from a Novell 5.0 network to a Linux 
network (exact distribution yet to be determined).  Ultraserve is 
fundamentally a Linux server.

Do you have any experience, pro or con?  To avoid potential legal 
problems for Web4Lib, please respond to me privately.  I will post a 
digest of responses if there is a sufficient number, and sufficient interest. 
On paper, Ultraserve looks like an interesting development, but I'm 
always sceptical of relatively untried technical solutions.

Gavin Ferriby
Head of Technical Services, 
The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, New York City
pferriby at or FAX (212) 280-1456

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