[WEB4LIB] RE: HotBot?

Dan Lester dan at 84.com
Thu Feb 25 12:44:03 EST 1999

We've done the same at   http://library.boisestate.edu/search.htm



At 06:55 AM 2/25/99 -0800, Bill Drew wrote:
>I just used it.  Its working fine.  The URL is http://www.hotobt.com .
>If anyone is interested I have put together a page of what our librarians
>consider to be the best and most reliable search engines and metasearch
>engines.  The page has the search forms on it instead of just links.  It has
>gotten to be very popular with our students.
>The URL is:  http://www.morrisville.edu/pages/library/searchengines.htmlx
>Bill Drew
>drewwe at morrisville.edu

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