[WEB4LIB] Re: Definition of Metasite or Megasite?

sean dreilinger sean at durak.org
Tue Feb 23 16:32:26 EST 1999

"P. F. (Pat) Anderson" wrote:
> >I always read this two words on the Net or articles. In addition, I read
> >an article which mentioned mega search engine, such as Savvysearch that
> >I usually call as metasearch engine. Could anyone instruct me the

savvysearch calls itself a metasearch -

> meta-search engine = a search engine which searches primarily other
>     large search engines

hopefully metasearch services will accomodate *small*, special-interest
search resources, not just the large ones -- offering subject-specific
metasearch coverage of topical specializations as each field matures in
its online presence. 

nice explanation of meta/mega, i'm saving it!
molte grazie!

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