web searchable full text journal list database

David Vose dvose at binghamton.edu
Fri Feb 19 10:48:21 EST 1999

In order to provide better access to our increasing collection of
electronic journal resources (Academic Universe, SearchBank, Proquest,
Project Muse, JStor, etc.) we are considering creating a web-searchable
database of all the full text journals titles we have access to.  The
database would include the titles and, if available, the dates of full
text coverage. Patrons could perform a title search and, if we have
e-access, get a display with the title, dates of full text coverage and
a hot link to the vendor's database from which we access the journal. 

Although we catalog in our OPAC journals we access from smaller full
text collections like JStor and Project Muse, it is not practical in
many instances to have bib records in our OPAC for journals from larger
collections. Issues of staff time and the stability of journal
availability tend to prohibit such projects.

Our database would likely be built from the journal lists that the
various vendors provide from their sites. The biggest problem I can
foresee would be extracting the information we want from each of the
vendors individually formatted journal lists. Of course maintaining the
currency of the database will be a chore as well. I'm sure this isn't an
original idea, but I'm wondering if anyone else has attempted this and
what the outcome was? 

David Vose
Binghamton University Libraries
(607) 777-4907

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