URL maintenance in WebPAC (Innopac)

Kevin W. Bishop bishopk at rpi.edu
Tue Feb 9 16:04:15 EST 1999

A search of the archives uncovers only two messages on this topic so I'll
ask the list again.

How are you maintaining the integrity of your OPAC's links (if applicable,
in the 856 field) to journal titles?  (Btw, we're using Innopac's WebPAC.)

Sheryl Dwinell's comment hits the mark: "It would be nice if our catalog
vendors could develop some methodology for checking links within the
database rather than having up jump through all these hoops to do so."

If this question is not appropriate for the list, please reply to me
directly.  Thanks!

Here are the two references: 

[WEB4LIB:14753] Re: Converting text to HTML - Garbe Grace - Aug 7, 1998

[WEB4LIB:14757] Re: Converting text to HTML - Sheryl Dwinell - Aug 7, 1998


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