[WEB4LIB] blanking URL from browser address line

TMGB bennettt at am.appstate.edu
Sun Feb 14 16:45:53 EST 1999

An alternative would be return a two frame page to the browser with the
main frame being basically of size zero and the second frame the
connection to Proquest.  A one frame page might even work.  The Location
would show the page that is returned to the browser and the frame target
would be the Pro Direct page.  This may be a clumsy work around to an
alternative solution but it might do until then, also depending if you
wanted to mess with frames or not.  And then again the frame or page
source might still divulge your "hidden" URL.


Dan Lester wrote:
> Hi.  I can swear that I've seen information on this before, but some pretty
> extensive searching hasn't turned it up.
> We're using a perl script for user authentication to reach remote
> databases.  The user fills in an ID and PIN, they're authenticated against
> a user database, and then redirected to a licensed site that requires a
> login and password.  What we'd like to do is have the URL not appear in the
> browser address window, as it is possible for a semi-knowledgable user to
> read the login and password from the total URL.  Naturally, this somewhat
> compromises security.
> As noted, I'm either crazy, or have seen before, a method of doing this
> with O'Reilly Website 2.3.x, and perhaps with other servers as well.  It
> seems it is an easy trick, but I'm drawing a blank.
> Any assistance or suggestions appreciated.
> thanks
> dan
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