Question re Toll Free PPP Service

Dennis Krieb krieb at SLU.EDU
Mon Feb 1 15:02:40 EST 1999

Hi All,
Is anyone familiar with a university/college establishing toll free PPP
service for its long distance students, faculty and staff?  Many of our
database/ejournal vendors restrict access to their products by IP
filtering. We have been kicking around the idea of setting up a proxy
server just for our library but this entails quite a bit of management
with respect to  establishing  a patron database  just for our library
patrons and not those of other libraries on campus  As well, some
vendors will not allow access to their products via proxy server.
Allowing folks to dial in from anywhere would give them our University
IP and allow them to access databases/ejournals otherwise restricted by
IP.  However I have no idea how feasible or expensive something like
this would be.

Thanks in advance

Dennis Krieb
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