[WEB4LIB] Software Virtual Server

GLENN HINKLE ghinkle at mlc.lib.ms.us
Thu Feb 4 13:09:39 EST 1999


I'm not sure what environment you are using, but this works
on our system ( SGI Origin 200 and Netscape Enterprise
server ).

In the configuration, the "Primary Document Directory" is
set to /var/www/htdocs/xyz. This is where the main site
index.html resides.
The virtual server home page falls under the main doc root

If your virtual server domain name is "www.special.edu",
then the path for the virtual server home page might read:


When the web server delivers the page, the path really is:

The web page for the virtual domain should have a statement
that reads:

I hope this helps,

Glenn Hinkle
Mississippi Library Commission

>>> Karen Diaz <diaz.28 at osu.edu> 02/04 11:01 AM >>>
I am trying set up the "Software Virtual Server" feature in
the Netscape
Enterprise Server.  This is used to allow one server to
respond to various
DNS's.  I've got my DNS's registered to the right IP
address, and can get my
top level home page to work, but I can't seem to link any
additional pages.
The documentation indicates you can have multiple files in
the proper
directory...but I haven't found any way to be able to
retrieve those files.
I have tried relative links and absolute links (using the
new DNS as the
host name).  

Has any one else had experience with this?  I can offer
more details if you
think you might be able to help.


Karen Diaz

Karen Diaz
Web Librarian
Ohio State University, Main Library
1858 Neil Ave. Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

diaz.28 at osu.edu 

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