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Mon Feb 8 17:24:50 EST 1999

I contacted Netscape about a month ago concerning the Netscape Client
Customization  Kit asking them if it could be used with newer versions of
just the navigator.  They told me that the recent kit that would customize
Communicator (4.5 If I recall correctly) would not work with the stand
alone Navigator which is why the Navigator Only option is grayed out.  But,
there will be a customization kit for Navigator 5.0 whenever Navigator 5.x
is released.  Until that time you have to settle for the limitations of the
4.07 Navigator CCK.  The newest Communicator CCK has some better options
than the Navigator version.  Also, I've found that the full menu for the
CCK would not show up on my screen until I went in and changed the
resolution limitation in the java script for the customization kit.  I
think the current resolution is set for a 640 by 480 window which will not
show some options if your screen resolution is set for 800x600 or greater.

In case anyone else is having this problem, this is the name of the file
and default path:


This is the beginning of that page and java script:

<!-- Copyright (C) 1997,1998 Netscape Communications Corporation, All
rights reserved. -->

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<SCRIPT ID="configed100" ARCHIVE="cejs.jar">
 var ceWin = null;
 var maxWidth = 800;       THIS LINE AND THE NEXT ARE WHERE
var maxHeight = 600;        I MADE CHANGES FOR IT TO WORK ON 1600X1200
 var ceHeight = maxHeight;
 var ceWidth = maxWidth;
 var screenHeight = screen.availHeight;
 var screenWidth = screen.availWidth;
 var windowTitleHeight=20;
 var windowFrameWidth=(5*2);
 var windowFrameHeight=(14*2);

Is Netscape 5.0 out yet?


Isabel Danforth wrote:

> even the standalone version comes with the instant messenger installed.
> Quite a pain.
> So when will someone customize Netscape 5 to meet library needs?
> Isabel
> At 09:04 AM 2/5/99 -0800, Robert Battenfeld wrote:
> >We have several NT machines that came loaded with the full version
> >of Netscape with all the "bloatware."  Is there a way to disable the
> >AOL Instant Messenger "popup?."  I tried removing the AOL messenger
> >from the applications window but this doesn't eliminate that
> >extremely annoying "popup" asking us EVERY morning to sign up.  I was
> >hoping to avoid uninstalling the full version and installing the
> >standalone version.  Thank you.
> >
> >
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