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Wed Sep 23 07:09:52 EDT 1998


I've now released to the Public Domain
a Java program I wrote to check for bad
links in web pages.  It's called Link Checker
and is at
It's slow, and it's by far not the greatest thing in its
category, but it's somewhat useful.  I'm aware
there are link-checking sites and superior software
out there.  If you use those services, you're
probably better off.

You will also need the 1.1 JDK from Javasoft
( to run it (and recompile
the source if you wish to modify the program).

I'm posting this in Web4Lib, because I know many
of you have developed web guides containing
numerous links.  As I state on the Link Checker
web page, I still believe non-automated reviews
should be conducted to determine the availability
and quality of Internet resources to which you're
currently linked.  Link Checker's more of a
transitional checker, something you can run
between "human reviews."

Installation and execution instructions are available
at the site above.  As it's now in the public domain,
there's no support for it, except maybe with an
occasional new release.


Robert J. Tiess


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