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Floyd Ingram fingram at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 20 20:45:57 EDT 1998

HE-HE!  I like this reply.  Let's be realistic!

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> It's nice to know that YOU'RE not narrow minded. I'm so glad that all your
> faculty and staff have their own computers and that your students have so
> many computer labs to go to that they don't need to use the library.
> It's also so refreshing to hear that your students and faculty, not to
> mention all politicians (who are also all crooks), are bozos. And as for
> the students who don't come to the library, who needs them? Let them fail
> just like they deserve. It's just those damn liberal librarians
> who believe
> in service to patrons, encouraging library use and making the technology
> serve the users rather than the librarian's ideas about what is a
> respectable research need, who cause all the problems (all members of the
> ACLU and fellow travelers no doubt).
> Not all policies suit all libraries, but it's this kind foaming at the
> mouth that drives me towards the permissive end of the spectrum. Why do I
> get the idea that there are probably lots of people out in Web4Lib-space
> who are also very glad they do not work in the same library as Mr. Ingram?
> Edward

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