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Colby Mariva Riggs cmriggs at
Fri Jun 19 18:27:47 EDT 1998

     Library Information and Technology Association invites you to attend
                The Connection - Technology Vendor Showcase

                      Saturday, June 27 8:00am - 12:30pm 

			WCC - Rooms - 13, 14, 15

Come experience this recently redesigned forum. Discover new and exciting
Information about technology products and services for the information
community. Each of the four sessions will explore a particular up and
coming technology, opening with an conceptual overview of the technology
followed by a creative discussion and demonstration of the strategies,
technologies, processes and people involved. 
Topic 1:  Client/server architectures 
8:00 - 12:30
Views and strategies of vendors with different viewpoints to share the
implications of these variations with the library community. 
Susan Stearns, Gaylord; Cindy Miller, Endeavor; and Steve Nielsen,

Topic 2: Unicode Support: Where We are and Where We're Going
8:30 -11:30
This seminar will cover an overview of the Unicode standard, but the
seminar will not be a technical one. Discussion will focus on the
benefits for libraries, the viewing capabilities enabled with Unicode 
support and what customers can expect from vendors who support 
Unicode in their library systems. A panel discussion between the 
audience and the presenters will follow the presentations.
Ari Palttala, VTLS; Christina P.Meyer; and Joe Zeeman, CGI

Topic 3:  Resource Sharing Among Libraries and Library Networks 
9:30 - 11:30
Union Catalogs are the topic of this presentation. The presentations and
discussion will provide, from the viewpoint of both vendors and
libraries, an overview of how physical and virtual union catalogs
enhance resource sharing within library networks.
Vinod Chachra, VTLS;  Paul Cappuzzello, OCLC; Annette Milliron, North Bay
Cooperative Library System; Carroll Lunau, National Library of Canada;
and Clare MacKeigan , Relais International.

Topic 4: Special Emerging Technology Topic: Enhancing Library Services
with the Cybermobile
8:00 - 9:30
Public libraries are developing network-based nformation mobiles or
"cybermobiles" to replace traditional bookmobiles. The mobile learning
unit will utilize CD-ROM and wireless technologies to connect patrons with
the Internet.
Speakers: John Drumm, Muncie Public Library; and Frank Groom and Gary Lee
Ball State University

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