Prevent Internet Disconnect

Monica King ou_lib1 at
Mon Jul 14 21:42:22 EDT 1997

I realize that this subject has been discussed before since I located
several posts in the Archives, but I am still unsure as to the best
solution for this problem.

We are presently using a dial-up Internet connection at our branches. 
This works great except whenever the workstation is inactive for so many
minutes, our ISP bumps us off.
Is anyone aware of any product that would prevent this from occuring by
emulating activity/usage etc...   

Past discussions of this problem suggested sending the Netscape browser
back to the Homepage after a period of inactivity which would probably
do the trick except all the discussion seemed to be centered around Macs
not  Win 95 PCs  which is what we have.

We are specifically looking for a single application to put in the start
up group that would accomplish this. Any information would be

Monica King
Head of Reference
Ouachita Parish Public Library
ou_lib1 at

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