GW2K or Dell?

Shaken Angel jbfink at
Sat Dec 6 15:28:07 EST 1997

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Vladislav S. Davidzon wrote:

> > On the other hand, I have used an equal number of Compaq Prolineas as
> > Dells and Gateways and consider them to be superior machines. As I say, if
> > you can only choose between Dell and Gateway, go with Dell, the extra few
> > bucks will be well spent. If you're not limited to those two
> > manufacturers, I recommend you consider Compaq PCs. 
> I've had very poor experiences with Compaq's.  My recommendation would be
> Dell.  Their machines are very reliable, and they do have pretty good
> support except for when it comes to backorders (which take approximately a
> month to fill -- if you need a REALLY old part, which you normally
> wouldn't.) 

I definitely have to agree with this.  Under no circumstances should you
consider purchasing Compaq machines.  The chief beef I have with them
(besides inexcusable overall technical shoddiness) is that the components
they use, no matter where they came from originally, are labeled "Compaq" 
such and such.  For instance, a particular Compaq server we have here at
Miami U has a "Compaq Fast/Wide SCSI bus" or something, but it's actually
a standard Adaptec bus.  This makes installation of OS's not directly
supported by Compaq (such as Linux) a hassle, and makes local
diagnostics/repair of Compaq machines difficult to say the least.

Do your systems folk a favor and don't buy 'em. :)

-- john f., miami university library systems.

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