Privacy and Public Access Netscape PCs in the Library

Peter Konshak pkonshak at
Tue May 14 14:34:47 EDT 1996

Donna Schumann wrote:
> We are committed to providing unrestricted access to the Internet. We
> have, however, tried to provide some privacy to Netscape users by
> positioning our Netscape PCs so that the PC monitor is not easily seen by
> anyone other than the person using the PC. Unfortunately, in some of our
> branches, the size and floor plan make this impossible. We are considering
> buying desks which place the monitor below the work surface--the patrons
> would have to look down through non-glare glass to see the images.
> How have other public libraries dealt with this issue?

Hi Donna,

We have yet to put public Internet workstations out, but we are considering many 
of the same dilemmas you are facing.  One idea that we have that might be helpful 
is the use of a "privacy filter".  It's basically a polarized glass anti-glare 
screen which fits over the monitor.  It reduces what can be seen on the monitor
from many angles.  In fact, you have to be standing directly behind it to see 
much of anything.

The downside of it is that it darkens the screen somewhat when you are looking at
it.  The one I'm testing is the "3M Privacy Filter" and it runs about $70.

Peter Konshak
Computer Technology Coordinator
Carmel Clay Public Library
pkonshak at

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