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Monday September 30 - October 2, 1996
Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

A single stream conference for 200 participants, hosted by the B.C. Electronic
Library Network, Simon Fraser University Library, University of British
Columbia Library, and the University of Victoria Library.  

Keynote speaker: Terry C. Noreault, Director, Office of Research, OCLC

Access '96 is the fourth in a series of highly successful conferences
hosted by Canadian academic libraries, that have focused on libraries and the
technical aspects of electronic publishing, the Web and other innovative
technologies. Previous conferences were held in Winnipeg, Manitoba (1993), St.
John's, Newfoundland (1994), and Fredericton, New Brunswick (1995).

A primary goal of libraries is to develop and adopt integrating technology
to provide access to a full range of services, through a common user
interface. Access to local and commercial databases, electronic
publications, and network-based information, user-initiated request and
document delivery services, public relations, orientation and bibliographic
instruction are all part of the holistic view that the World Wide Web,
Z39.50 and other tools have made possible.

Access '96 is designed to include major developments regarding emerging
technologies with actual or potential applications to libraries. It is built
around major themes now central to electronic libraries:

     * Emerging network access tools
     * User authentication and security
     * Electronic payment systems
     * Network saturation
     * Censorship on the net.

Emerging network access tools

Second generation World Wide Web tools have arrived. Java programming will
change the way applications are written and delivered to users. HTML
continues to grow while SGML is increasingly being recognized as the
standard for electronic document publishing. Work on Z39.50 continues.
Increasingly, commercial vendors are developing Web gateways and interfaces.
What are the implications for libraries? What new complexities, hardware,
software, and wetware will these developments and tools demand?

User authentication and security

Interlibrary dependence and distance education are requiring libraries to
offer access to electronic databases and services across multiple campus
networks and institutional boundaries. User authentication is normally
accomplished at the institutional level. Libraries want to provide open
desktop access. Campus computer centres and Internet providers demand a high
degree of security and local accountability. How will libraries reconcile
these conflicting requirements? What are the tools available to address
these issues? Will electronic signatures provide a solution?

Electronic payment systems

As libraries expand user-initiated requesting and document delivery services
beyond CARL Uncover, secure electronic payment systems become crucial. What
are the components of an effective electronic payment system, especially
over open services on the Web? What options are available to libraries?

Network saturation

As access and delivery technologies make increasing use of bandwidth,
particularly with graphic- and sound- based tools like the Web, faster and
better local, provincial, national and international networks will be
required. What is the status of our networks? What will the impact of new
tools and development be on networks? Are networks reaching saturation?

Censorship on the net

Is a WEB V-chip necessary? To what extent should the carriers and network
service providers be responsible for individually provided network


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