FWD query OT-based SGML databases "across the net?"

Dave Rodgers dlr at MATH.AMS.ORG
Mon Sep 25 09:12:24 EDT 1995

           Try John-Price Wilkin (jpwilkin at umich.edu)

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>   >>Subject: Commercial sources of OT-based SGML databases "across the net"?
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>   >>Here at Rice we're trying to get out of the business of receiving
>   >>databases on tape, loading them on disk, maintaining indexes, etc.
>   >>We'd much rather subscribe to services on the net and let other people
>   >>worry about upkeep.  Aside from freeing us to work on other things,
>   >>such an approach should be cheaper in the long run due to economies of
>   >>scale -- why should N sites load a given database locally when one
>   >>well-run commercial service could do it for prices approaching 1/Nth
>   >>the cost?
>   >>
>   >>So, does anyone know of examples of commercial providers of Open Text
>   >>applications who work in this way?  Has anybody put up, say, an OED
>   >>server to which a university can subscribe for a fee?
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