Graphical Browsers: Kiosk Mode and File Security

Brian Williams brianw at
Fri Sep 22 12:55:18 EDT 1995

We are just beginning to put mosaic out in kiosk mode for the public, two
stations went out Wednesday. A million more go out later this year at one
point or another. Lots to learn, I suppose. None of these browsers does
what we really want, do they? 

Although the print command is gone under the file menu in mosaic's kiosk 
mode you can still use the keystroke equivalent, I believe, to print. 
Control p.

I looked at ftp and under certain conditions it does display the contents 
of your hard disks, it looks like. We are trying both a saber lan based 
version of this and a windows based (progman) one. It will be interesting 
to see what kinds of problems we have with the two different ways of 
doing this. Saving to the hard drives will probably be one of them.

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