Librarians in media again (fwd)

Gwen Gregory ggregory at
Thu Sep 21 18:40:23 EDT 1995

SO, does anyone know the 800 number we can call?  I have noticed that the ad 
in question has not been running much, at least on the channels I watch.


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>Yes, I heard on the BUSLIB-L listserv (where the Saturn commercial 
>thread was done to death) that it is the actual librarian from Spring 
>Hill, TN.  However, that is not the actual library in Spring Hill, since 
>they have a fairly new and modern library.  The dusty room and card 
>catalog were all props.  SLA sent Saturn a formal letter expressing its 
>members' dissatisfaction with the stereotype, and several librarians on 
>BUSLIB said they had called an 800# at Saturn to complain.
>Kristin Kubly
>kkubly at
>> Does the new Saturn commercial with "Helen" the librarian, sitting "shhhhh"
>> inside the oh so quiet
>> Saturn, use the real librarian from NC?
>> If not, she still has a greying bun, is rather chubett(like I'm not!) but
>> she wears glasses and I don'T!!!!
>> Elisabeth Roche ace at
>> if it is really the librarian from that town in NC (or SC) then more power
>> to her, she's a celebrity.
>> Otherwise, she's a cliche!

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