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Yes, I heard on the BUSLIB-L listserv (where the Saturn commercial 
thread was done to death) that it is the actual librarian from Spring 
Hill, TN.  However, that is not the actual library in Spring Hill, since 
they have a fairly new and modern library.  The dusty room and card 
catalog were all props.  SLA sent Saturn a formal letter expressing its 
members' dissatisfaction with the stereotype, and several librarians on 
BUSLIB said they had called an 800# at Saturn to complain.

Kristin Kubly
kkubly at

> Does the new Saturn commercial with "Helen" the librarian, sitting "shhhhh"
> inside the oh so quiet
> Saturn, use the real librarian from NC?
> If not, she still has a greying bun, is rather chubett(like I'm not!) but
> she wears glasses and I don'T!!!!
> Elisabeth Roche ace at
> if it is really the librarian from that town in NC (or SC) then more power
> to her, she's a celebrity.
> Otherwise, she's a cliche!

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