GIFS on Netscape

Sheryl Griffith sheryl.griffith at
Tue Sep 19 10:07:12 EDT 1995

This question is related to Barry Blinko's question.

I have made a web home page for internal use by the reference
librarians at the NARA library.  I want to start it from an icon in windows. 
(I don't want to change the Netscape preferences to automatically load it
'cause each staff member has different preferences as to the home
page they want to load).

So I set up a windows program item with the command line:
   h:\netscape.exe h:\libproc\refmenu.htm

It works fine to start netscape, and open the home page, but it does not
show the in-line images.  If I start netscape by itself, and then manually
open the file refmenu.htm, it _does_ show the inlime images.  Also, if I
start it from an icon by the same method as above, but using Mosaic
instead of Netscape, it shows the inline images.  (I don't want to use
Mosaic, tho', cause it keeps crashing on our server).

Can anyone help with this? Do I need to configure something in Netscape
differently ?


Sheryl Griffith, Librarian
National Archives at College Park
sheryl.griffith at

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