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Nancy McClements MCCLEMEN at
Mon Nov 20 13:06:00 EST 1995

Yes, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Library reference room we
allow downloading to personal disks both internet and non-internet (mostly
cd-rom based) data.  We are experimenting with loaning disks, and do not use any
formal check-out procedure for them.  When returned, we reformat the disks.  We
have not had any problems so far (fingers crossed).
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>Subject: downloading to disk
>Those of you who allow patrons to download internet data to disk:
>Do you let the public use their own disks?
>Do you sell (or give away) disks?
>Either way, have you had problems and if so, have you discontinued the
>(I'm pretty new to this listserv so if this has been discussed recently,
>my apologies)
>Bruce Ziegman
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Nancy McClements
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