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Thu Nov 2 13:02:12 EST 1995

  I agree with Ted.  The Thornton/Bonario list of electronic discussions 
is VERY good.  But if you can't access it for some reason, try sending a 
message to PUBLIB at NYSERNET.ORG and asking for suggestions there.  The 
members of that "Public Libraries" list are sure to have plenty of ideas 
for you.  

(Subscription method for that list should be the same as you described, as 
long as you are connected to the Internet and you insert the name of the 
list between "SUBSCRIBE" and your name.)

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Theodore Morris wrote:

> Try the "Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials" collection 
> assembled by Ann Thornton and Steve Bonario of the University of Houston 
> Libraries - available through http://nearnet.gnn.com/wic/lib.25.html and 
> other Web and gopher sites.
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