[Web4lib] Library Technology Plans (slightly OT)

Marcus W Davis marc.davis at drake.edu
Tue Nov 8 09:38:42 EST 2011

[Cross-posted to LITA-L]

I've been given the assignment to "Revise long-term goals and objectives of the library systems/technology unit."  I'm in the "background research" stage for this assignment.  While I understand that this is a "web" list, I feel that web services are so fundamental now to library IT operations generally, that I needed to inquire here.  So, apologies, for the slight off topic nature.

I'm inquiring to crowd-source for examples, methodologies, and persons with extensive experience in developing well-written, comprehensive and (above all) useful technology plans for academic libraries.

Please share your written plans, your experiences (both positive and negative), your thoughts about methodologies (e.g., interviews, questionnaires), best practices, trend assessments, etc. . . . anything that would help toward developing a solid long-term planning document.  Rather than clutter the list by replying directly if you'd prefer you can either email me directly or post your responses on a blog I'm setting up for this project at librarytechplans.wordpress.com.


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