[Web4lib] CALEA policies?

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I agree that CALEA is old news. The part that makes me furious is that
an IT department at a library or educational institution would issue
an edict now that would, if effected, limit the privacy of its users
based on assumption.



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>> Hi Sigrid,
>> This makes me furious. It is a case of bureaucrats taking the path of
>> least resistance. It is a huge leap to infer that CALEA, which
>> preserves law enforcement's ability to contact specific court-ordered
>> monitoring, has anything to do with widely tracking internet users in
>> libraries. By that logic, Starbucks should fingerprint every wifi
>> user.
>> I hope that you will contact the EFF and the ALA, because this is
>> truly terrible and, IMHO, un-American.
> This is kind of really old news -- CALEA's extension to Internet access came about in 2005, and in the year or two after, it was generally agreed that libraries, as well as most (if not all) academic institutions, are exempt from CALEA (in the sense of having to track or otherwise restrict users).  A good starting point for information on the topic is here: <http://www.educause.edu/Resources/Browse/CALEA/30781>, particularly the link to the ACE document "The Application of CALEA to Higher Education Networks."
> Note that some of the info gleaned from the Educause site is out of date, presumably because most institutions that started paying attention in 2005 now consider it a dead issue.
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