[Web4lib] "COinS 2 OpenURL" Google Chrome Browser extension

Babalievsky,Filip babalief at oclc.org
Mon Jul 18 18:00:28 EDT 2011



"COinS to OpenURL"  is a small extension for the Google Chrome browser.
- I developed it just as an exercise in writing Chrome extensions; still
I hope it can  be helpful for the library community.


Some web pages contain bibliographic information encoded into hidden
HTML elements according to the library community specification Context
Objects in Span (COinS) - see http://ocoins.info  - This extension
transforms all COinS found on a page to links based on the OpenURL
standard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenURL ) that point to the
worldcat.org gateway (or to other Link server).


This is similar to one of the features of  the OpenUrl Referrer
extension for  Firefox and IE. - There is a separate  OCLC team that
works on it and has plans for porting OpenURL Referrer to other
browsers. Until then I hope "COinS 2 OpenURL"  could be of some help.


Here is the extension's page:




I would be glad to hear your opinions and suggestions,



-          Filip Babalievsky

OCLC (telecommuter from New Jersey)

babalief at oclc.org




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