[Web4lib] Study room booking systems

Erin R White/FS/VCU erwhite at vcu.edu
Wed Aug 31 17:02:17 EDT 2011

At VCU we are using Openroom, a PHP+MySQL application released last year 
by Ball State and written up in Code4Lib.

Students have really taken to it here - usage is through the roof during 
the semester. We've built a mobile version as well and are hoping to 
contribute it to the project this fall.


Erin White
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Date:   08/31/2011 04:47 PM
Subject:        [Web4lib] Study room booking systems
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I was wondering what systems everybody used for study room bookings.  We
have 7 study rooms and plan on adding many more in the future.
Currently we use an Excel spreadsheet.  Obviously users can not book
rooms by themselves and see availability online which is an ability we
would like to have. 


Feel free to contact me off list if you prefer.





Mikael "Mick" Jacobsen

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Skokie Public Library, IL

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