[Web4lib] EZProxy and EBSCO eBooks

Ryan Claringbole rclaringbole at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 09:21:43 EDT 2011

Ever since the transition from NetLibrary to EBSCO eBooks, patrons have been
unable to download an eBook from the site through EZProxy.  We have
contacted EBSCO and they suggested adding accessions to the EBSCO domain and
IPs  but this has not solved the problem.  Is anyone else having this
problem?  Anyone know of a solution?  Patrons can access it using our WiFi
in the lilbrary buildings, but when it's outside our network they can
checkout the eBook, but then it will stall on the last activity which won't
allow the book to be opened in Adobe Digital Editions.  Any help is much

Ryan Claringbole
Chesapeake Public Library
Chesapeake, VA  23322

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