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Jesse Ephraim JEphraim at roanoketexas.com
Mon Aug 8 21:03:00 EDT 2011

I have ended up with some unexpected money in my budget, and would like to start the process of tagging our circulating items with RFID tags.  When it comes to the hardware to go along with them, we are most interested in checkin/checkout pads and devices like the 3M Mobile Staff Workstation and the 3M Digital Library Assistant.  We probably won't purchase those until next year, though.  We are not interested in security systems and self-checkout quiet yet (and probably won't be for a few years).

The last time I worked directly with RFID tagging was with a Checkpoint System years ago (before they were acquired by 3M), so I'm trying to catch up on changes to things since then.  The only thing we would want to store on the tags are the barcodes of the items.

Is there a particular standard (ISO, for example) I need to be looking for so that we can have the maximum flexibility in the equipment we buy?

Are the ISO-compliant 3M tags better than those offered by other vendors?  If not, can anyone recommend any good vendors?

When it comes to checkin/checkout pads and mobile devices (like the two I mentioned above), would anyone recommend similar products from other vendors?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Jesse Ephraim

Director, Roanoke Public Library
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Roanoke, Texas 76262
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