[Web4lib] Primary Research Group has published Libraries and the Mega Internet Sites, (ISBN 157440-177-7).

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Tue Aug 2 12:02:02 EDT 2011

Primary Research Group has published Libraries and the MegaInternet Sites, (ISBN 157440-177-7)

The report presents data from more than 100 corporate,legal, college, government and public libraries about their use of Google,Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and other mega internetsites. The report shows how useful various sites are to their professionalefforts of librarians and what they are achieving in using the sites. 
Just of few of the many findings from this 134 page reportare:

29% of     the libraries in the sample were currently working with search engines or     other organizations to digitize elements of their collections and make     them available over the internet.
60% of     public libraries in the sample have held workshops in Facebook use; 17.39%     of college libraries, 10.53% of law/corporate libraries, and 14.29% of     government agency/department libraries have done so.
Google     Books was found useful by 21.90% and highly useful by 16.19% of the     sample. Another 35.24% of libraries found it occasionally useful.
Wikipedia     was most popular among librarians working in technical services and     cataloging; 71.43% of these librarians found it highly useful.
41% of     the libraries sampled had a Twitter account.

Data in the reports is broken out separately by size andtype of library and by type of library personnel.  Data is presented for corporate/legallibraries, college libraries, public libraries and government libraries.  For further information view our website at www.PrimaryResearch.com. 

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