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One of the hottest areas in R&D today is the development of personal reading
devices that serve an increasingly mobile population. This highly
competitive arena is driving innovation in both the format and delivery of
information resources, offering publishers an opportunity to be creative and
breathe new life into even the most traditional information tools for a new
generation of users.

NFAIS will hold a 90-minute informational Webinar, Portable Devices and
Mobile Users. Maureen Kelly, Principal, Content Kinetics, will open the
meeting with a brief history of book technology. Jill O' Neill, NFAIS
Director of Communication and Planning, will then discuss the reading
experience, including an overview of today's established user interfaces and
navigational approaches and how users are encouraged to customize their own

The meeting will then take a look at the development of e-reader technology,
from first to third generation and beyond, current content delivery
channels, and the markets for e-readers and e-publications. And in closing,
the meeting will focus on why all information providers need to pay
attention to the development of portable reading devices so that they can
re-shape their content to offer an enjoyable and satisfying user experience
- on any platform, anywhere!

If you want to learn more about today's portable reading devices register
for the NFAIS webinar today. NFAIS members pay $75, members of Sister
Societies pay $85, and non-members pay $95. An unlimited number of staff
from an NFAIS member organization can participate for a group fee of $225.
The group fee for an unlimited number of staff from any Sister Society is
$2555 [?] and from a non-member organization is $285. [snip]

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