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We are in the midst of developing our "Skills needed for success" for staff, which starts with Core Tech Skills needed by all staff, and then is being developed in workgroups for the various job groupings.  We are emphasizing that this is an opportunity to improve people's comfort with tech skills we believe they need for efficient job performance.  We are starting with self-assessments, and then arranging training - hopefully mostly in "found" 5-minute-chunk online trainings, but in physical group settings if assessment shows the need - after which the skills will become expectations which will go into their annual evaluations.  I hope to integrate it with the City online training system, which can track achievements and task completions for us.

I am actually hoping that this will become a model for our City organization, as it seems that this kind of basic training and setting of expectations is sorely lacking in many areas.  There is also a great deal of assumption of skill, especially for younger hires, which is simply wrong.


Margaret Hazel
Virtual Branch & Innovative Tech Manager
Eugene Public Library
Eugene, OR
margaret.e.hazel at ci.eugene.or.us

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This is something we desperately need to do at my system as well, but we have 
barely begun to explore it. I would appreciate hearing about any other library 
experiences, particularly how to work with potential problems such as resistant 
staff, scheduling, etc.
Terran McCanna
Virtual Services Librarian
Clayton County Library System

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