[Web4lib] Call for Proposals: Handheld Librarian 4 online conference

Lori Bell lbell927 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 31 10:43:52 EDT 2010

Handheld Librarian 4 Online Conference:  Call for Program Proposals!
TAP Information Services and LearningTimes invite librarians, library staff, 
vendors, graduate students, and developers to submit program proposals related 
to the topic of mobile library services for the online Handheld Librarian 4 
conference to be held February 23 and 24, 2011.
Proposals are due December 1, 2010.    Go to 
http://www.handheldlibrarian.org/proposal-submissionsto submit a proposal
The Handheld Librarian 4 conference will feature interactive, live online 
sessions and links to recorded events following the conference. We are 
interested in a broad range of submissions that highlight current, evolving and 
future issues in mobile library services. This year, we will feature a program 
track with presentations by graduate library students.  These include but are 
not limited to the following program tracks:
	* ebooks 
	* location-based social networking 
	* augmented reality 
	* twitter 
	* apps 
	* device and OS trends 
	* QR codes 
	* reference 
	* mobile trend spotting 
	* mobile technologies impacting society 
	* web/app development best practices 
Proposal Submissions:
Submit your proposal by completing the webform at 
http://www.handheldlibrarian.org/submissions-formby December 1, 2010. 

Online presentations may be conducted in one of four formats:
	* a 45-minute live online session (i.e. synchronous webcast) 
	* a 15 minute student presentation *** 
	* a 10 minute live online session or 
	* a pre-recorded presentation (i.e. narrated web tour or slides). 
You will be notified by January 15, 2011 if your proposal has been accepted.  
Conference registration fees are waived for speakers.
Presenters Are Expected To:
Conduct your session using Adobe Connect (computer, Internet, mic required) 
Provide a digital photo of yourself for the conference website 
Respond to questions from attendees 
Attend an online 30-60 minute training on Adobe Connect prior to the conference 
Thank you for considering submitting a proposal. If you have questions, please 

Lori Bell, lbell927 at gmail.com
Tom Peters, TAP Information Services, tpeters at tapinformation.com
Susan Manning, LearningTimes, susan at ltgreenroom.org
Proposals are due December 1, 2010.    Go to 
http://www.handheldlibrarian.org/submissions-formto submit a proposal.
 Lori Bell
School of Library and Information Science
San Jose State University
lbell927 at gmail.com
lbell927 at yahoo.com 


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