[Web4lib] WiFi Guest Network with AUP?

Jesse McDonnell jessemcdonnell at verizon.net
Thu Oct 14 16:33:53 EDT 2010

On Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:15:36 -0500
"Michael J. Dargan" <dargan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello--
> I'm looking for a WiFi router with a "guest network" or "guest zone" feature
> that would also allow me to enforce an AUP.  Gathering usage stats would
> also be groovy, but not as important as the AUP.
> Is there such a thing?  Or, do I need to get something with a captive
> portal?  Would AmazingPorts do it for me?  I don't want to charge for use.
> I'm using www.publicip.com right now, which works fine about 95% of the
> time.  However, when it gets flaky, I haven't been able to raise their tech
> support.

If you are comfortable rolling your own solution somewhat, UseMyNet is an enhancement of OpenWRT (an Open Source firmware for Linksys and other routers) which allows the use a landing page on which you could have your AUP. We use it here in my local public library on a router flashed with the OpenWRT/UseMyNet firmware. Our landing page requires users to confirm acceptance of the library's internet use policy. 

Users need to get an access code to click through the landing page and use the internet,  and we also route all wireless traffic through our firewall/filter. It works flawlessly here but it is a low volume setting, and while I'd expect it to work fine, I can't speak directly to how well it would perform in a high volume environment.  

Jesse McDonnell

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