[Web4lib] Enhanced "e-book" service?!

Tim Spalding tim at librarything.com
Wed Oct 13 20:24:05 EDT 2010

Well, I think it would be awesome. Speaking as a veteran of that war,
scale is a killer.


> Tim,
> Indeed there are lots of reasons why we're motivated to grow the
> capabilities of the HathiTrust Collection Builder in terms of scale and
> functionality.  Scale is something we're already in the early stages of
> planning for and collections of hundreds of thousands of items will be
> possible, eventually.
> Right now an ambitious user can manually create a collection of several
> hundred items.  We can consider proposals for larger collections on a case
> by case basis, and have tools behind the scenes to automate the building
> process. Identifiers cannot be sent in the search request at this time, but
> that's certainly a good idea.
> --Heather

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