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List members may be interested in the following new publication.

This book brings together papers given at a recent major conference
jointly organised by the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at
Rutgers University (the world’s first academic unit to focus solely on
social aspects of mobile communication) and Liberty Science Center
(the New Jersey-New York City region's largest education resource).

Presented by leading thinkers and museum experts, the papers provide
an incisive analysis of trends in the use of mobile devices by museum
audiences, with a special focus on outreach efforts to under-served

"Mobile technologies have the potential to revolutionize the museum
experience. This book shares perspectives and findings that will help
practitioners navigate this new learning terrain." Marsha Semmel,
Deputy Director for Museums, Institute of Museum and Library Services,
Washington DC.

For a limited time, the publication is available at a 10% discount.
For the full contents listing and to place an order, please visit:

Key issues covered include:
* How social networking and mobility tools can help museums connect
with their audiences
* Assessments of current tools and systems
* How these tools can help enrich and extend the learning experience
* The principles that guide new social media applications
* How to integrate social media applications into contemporary museum practice
* What the future holds for mobile media devices and social networking
in the museum setting
* Data-driven analyses of developments in the field
* Insightful distillations of museum experiences to date
* Forecasts of trends and developments "just around the corner".

"This important collection of essays delves into a complex and
exciting world, and makes a key contribution to this developing
field."  Dr. Lynda Kelly, Head of Web and Audience Research,
Australian Museum, Sydney.

Because of its timeliness and importance, we’ve released this book in
our Preview Edition format, which provides immediate access to the
book’s content. Order now and:
1. Receive a complimentary copy of the printed edition on publication
in December;
2. Access today – immediately – all the book's content online – to
read, download or print out;
3. Save over 10% on the published price (limited-time offer);
4. Receive a digital edition to read on your computer and your mobile devices.

Graeme Farnell

The Conference at which these papers were first presented was
generously supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant
No. 0610352. However, any opinions, findings, and conclusions or
recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s)
and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science

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